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ASUS C31-X402 battery for ASUS laptops

ASUS C31-X402 laptop batteries Replacement for ASUS S400 VivoBook S300 Series,100% compatible with the original equipment.

  • Brand:ASUS
  • Price : $ 89.00

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ASUS C31-X402 Battery Pack Specifications
Laptop Battery Code : ASU2655 Dimension :
Battery Type : Li-ion Voltage : 11.1V
Capacity : 4000MAh BATTERY Availability: In Stock
Original Price : $ 136.92 Recent Price : $ 89.00

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  • * 1 year warranty, 30-day money back offers!
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  • * Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) ASUS C31-X402 Battery don't suffer from the memory effect at all.

Description - ASUS C31-X402 Battery:

Premium quality replacement ASUS laptop battery. This 11.1V volt, lithium-ion (Li-ion) ASUS laptop battery from is rated at 4000MAh capacity and is 100% compatible with the original equipment. provides premium quality compatible ASUS, SONY, GATEWAY laptop batteries, manufactured by state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in conformance with quality standards and guidelines applicable to OEM battery packs. Each ASUS, SONY, GATEWAY laptop battery is tested throughout the manufacturing process to match or outperform the original equipments specifications for form, fit and workmanship.

Replacement ASUS C31-X402 Battery Code :

ASUS C31-X402 Compatible Laptop Model :

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How to use a new ASUS C31-X402 notebook battery?

  1. Carefulness read narrate book of ASUS C31-X402 notebook battery,use commendatory battery. Research the electric appliance and the ASUS C31-X402 notebook batteries contact elements is whether clean, when necessity is clean with the wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.
  2. New ASUS C31-X402 Battery Pack must be fully charged before use.
  3. You're not supposed to store batteries empty. ASUS C31-X402 notebook Batteries left out of the machine will lose charge over time.ASUS C31-X402 notebook Batteries left in the machine will lose charge over time.
  4. Don't place ASUS C31-X402 laptop battery in laptop for a long period of time if the laptop is not being used.
  5. Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the ASUS C31-X402 notebook battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.
  6. Make sure to plug your ASUS C31-X402 laptop charger adapter into a UPS and not directly into a power outlet or surge protector.
  7. Do not expose the ASUS C31-X402 laptop battery pack to direct sunlight. Never store or use the battery pack in an unventilated vehicle where excessive internal temperatures may be encountered.